Ontario Human Rights: Racial Discrimination

Aug 25, 2020

Message From Our Chair: The Leslieville neighborhood has been my home for 12 years and over those years, I’ve seen how wonderful our inclusive community treat each other, however, I’ve also seen unwarranted actions by…

Neighbours in Need food drive

May 9, 2020

We are proud to announce the launch of the ‘Neighbours in Need ‘ #smallbusiness #fooddrive initiative with BSIDE Beauty & JustB Salon A group of our business members have rallied to help provide meals to…

COVID -19 Google Maps Directory

Apr 16, 2020

We understand that many of you are looking for local resources and what is still available in the neighbourhood. We have created a little directory via Google Maps as well as a more detailed list…

“Don’t Turn OUT the Lights”- A Campaign to Save Small Businesses During COVID-19

Apr 1, 2020

We are joining forces with other BIAs to advocate for additional support for tenants and property owners during the COVID-19 crisis, so that they’ll be able to weather the storm and stay in business. Small…

COVID-19 Information and Resources for Businesses

Mar 26, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the municipal, provincial and federal governments have put measures in place to protect the public. The Leslieville BIA will be providing information for its member businesses through this webpage…

Leslieville Development – good or bad?

Nov 4, 2018

Pretty loaded question for some, we imagine.  And we’d love to know your thoughts on the matter (email:  leslievillebia@gmail.com).  The BIA was instrumental in the creation of the Leslieville Urban Design Guidelines to help developers meet business and…

Leslieville’s Evolving Brand

Oct 6, 2018

When the Leslieville BIA embarked on a ’re-branding’ effort exactly five years ago in September 2013, we enlisted the help of Adam Meery and Nick Chin, a local design team at Ox Agency.  The iconic…

Accessibility on Main Street

Sep 30, 2018

What is a Business Community’s Role in Accessibility? We all have an obligation to make our businesses as welcoming as possible, and this includes eliminating what barriers we can to enable a positive shopping, dining…

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